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Alexander Technique

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Welcome to Alexander Technique - Surrey / Hampshire / Berkshire

This not-for-profit website is dedicated to the promotion of the Alexander Technique in the southern counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.  We aim to provide information and resources on the Alexander Technique, as well as helping people to find a certified teacher in the region.

The Alexander Technique is a Technique for Life, not quite like any other.  It is a method of physical and mental re-education that teaches us to ‘think in activity’ and ‘use’ ourselves to our best advantage.  It can therefore have a positive effect on a wide range of stresses and ailments, as well as balancing mood and behaviour, enhancing performance, improving vitality and overall well-being.       More about the Technique >>

Teacher Feature

Our regular feature of one of the region’s teachers...

Quintin has been teaching the Technique since 1997 and has a popular and thriving practice in the centre of our region.  He therefore sees people from across all three counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire...

Quintin Norris MSTAT LLAM

 Camberley, Surrey

The Alexander Technique for Back Pain

The British Medical Journal has published research which proves the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique for long-term back pain. Read more about the AT, back pain and  other muscular/skeletal problems  >>

The Alexander Technique for Mental Health

How we think and use our bodies has an extraordinary effect on our ability to accurately perceive the world around us, as well as our emotional and physical health.  Learn more about the psycho-physical nature of AT >>

The Alexander Technique for Performance

Taught in all the major Drama, Music and Dance Schools, performers use the Alexander Technique to improve stamina, increase clarity of perception, free up creativity and spontaneity and manage stage fright.  More >>

Some of the reasons why people come to the Alexander Technique :

The Alexander Technique for Confidence

Improved physical balance and co-ordination with the Technique also brings about emotional centredness and natural confidence which can influence how we present ourselves, communicate and interact with others.  More >>

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